A new Quebec outfit for a Belgian icon

A new Quebec outfit for a Belgian icon


The emblematic Manneken-Pis bronze statue of Brussels adds a costume to its wardrobe: a courier des bois costume revisited by a Quebec designer to mark 50 years of diplomatic presence there.

“It's great! It's every fashion designer's dream to create a costume for the Manneken-Pis “, exclaims Jean-Claude Poitras, chosen by the General Delegation of Quebec in Brussels to design the 1103rd costume for this emblem of joy. to live and the humor of the people of Brussels.

A new Quebec outfit for a Belgian icon

Jean -Claude Poitras, fashion designer

The fashion designer and artist was inspired by the figure of the woodsman, which he revisited by bringing it into modernity, with trapper's felt hat, cardigan of local wool, leather boots and ascot tie inspired by the arrow sash tradition. 

Blue, the color of the Quebec flag, but also of the “sea, of the Atlantic”, dominates overall.

“I have been inspired by the Coureur des Bois since the beginning of 'childhood. I think it represents us so well: he is an explorer, a pioneer, the one who went to new furrows and other peoples, especially the Aboriginals “, explains the one who celebrated this year 50 years of career.


The tradition of costume

The bronze statuette, which doubles as a fountain, has long drawn crowds – most often in Adam's garb. The tradition of dressing it dates back to the 17th century, but only for certain events and commemorations.

The City of Brussels is therefore receiving new outfits at a steady pace, so much so that its imposing wardrobe contains clothing from the four corners of the globe. 

The General Delegation of Quebec in Brussels wanted to add a costume to highlight the ties forged in the Belgian capital since 1972.

Le 19&nbsp October, the Manneken-Pis put on his new ensemble for the first time, which he will wear every year on the Fête nationale du Québec, June 24. In the meantime, the costume is exhibited at the Museum of the City of Brussels, to the great pleasure of its creator.

“It is extraordinary to see my costume, that of Quebec, in the same showcase than that offered by Louis XV and right next to that of the French designer Jean-Claude Gaultier ”, he says.