A new song for Daniel Bélanger

A new song for Daniel Bélanger


We can say that Daniel Bélanger has the gift of making us impatient for the release of his next album, Mercure en mai< /strong>, October 14. The singer-songwriter is releasing a second nice extract today: Dormir dans l'auto. < /p>

Dormir dans l'auto is the second piece unveiled to the general public from Daniel Bélanger's long-awaited tenth album to be released next month. The first single, I hear everything playing (in your head), launched at the end of August, quickly rose to the top of the sales charts for French-language songs. 

Busy, the multidisciplinary artist also presented his first collection of poetry dubbed Heavyweight earlier in September. The latter is published by Herbes rouges. 

He also won the Félix for instrumental album of the year for his album Travelling at the last ADISQ gala. 

As for Mercure en mai, it is described as “the breath of fresh air we we all needed. »