A new virus from China can infect people around the world

The number of people infected with a mysterious virus that appeared in China, significantly higher than the official figures. About it writes BBC.

Новый вирус из Китая может заразить людей по всему миру

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45 laboratory-confirmed cases of the disease, but, according to British experts, the figure is closer to 1700. It is known that in December two people died from the virus that causes pneumonia. The first outbreak was recorded in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

“I am much more concerned than a week ago,” commented epidemiologist, Professor Neil Ferguson.

A study conducted in the global analysis of infectious diseases MRC at Imperial College London, who advises the UK government and the world health organization.

Singapore and Hong Kong therefore introduced additional control measures for tourists. In the United States also announced similar events in three major airports — San Francisco, Los Angeles and new York.

What do you think?

The main criterion for the assessment of the extent of the problem was the number of cases detected in other countries.

For the first time the virus has documented in Wuhan, but recently it was discovered in Thailand and in Japan.

“It made me worry,’ said Professor Ferguson. — The fact that Wuhan was exporting the virus to other countries, means that those infected should be much more than reported”.

Accurate data is impossible to obtain, but it is possible to simulate the flash, on the basis of data about the nature of the virus, the local population and flights.

International airport Wuhan serves 19 million passengers, of which 3400 daily travel to other countries.

Detailed calculations, the results of which are posted in public access to publication in a scientific journal, showed 1,700 cases.

What happens at U.S. airports?

Passengers travelling to USA from Wuhan will undergo an extended medical examination because of concerns about the new coronavirus, says USA Today.

Inspections will be conducted at the international airport of a name of John Kennedy in new York city and the international airport in San Francisco. Approximately 100 additional employees in the Centers for control and prevention of diseases (CDC) will be brought to the examinations.

CDC conducted inspections of airports only once in 2014, in response to concerns about Ebola.

Medical personnel examined thousands of passengers from three West African countries on the Ebola virus, but found no disease.

The CDC said some of the dozens of patients who could be subjected to the flash 2019-nCoV could catch this disease from other people.

Fever, cough and shortness of breath are some of the most common symptoms of the novel coronavirus.

The CDC described the screening measures as “preventive precautions”.

What does it mean?

Chinese authorities say that the spread of the virus from one ill person to another has not been.

Instead, they connect the flash with the seafood market in Wuhan, which also sell live animals.

According to Professor Ferguson, it is too early to panic, but it is necessary to consider more seriously the possibility of transmission from person to person.

“Given what we know about coronaviruses, it is unlikely that animals can cause infections,” say the authorities.

However, understanding the spread of a new virus, it is important to assess possible risks.

What do we know about the virus?

Patients took samples to examine the virus in the laboratory.

The Chinese authorities and the world health organization came to the conclusion that the infection is a coronavirus.

Belongs to the coronaviruses are a large number of viruses but only six of them (and with a new virus seven) is able to strike the man.

In 2002-2003 this deadly disease that emerged in China, killed more than 700 people in different countries.

Then ill more than 8,000 people in 26 countries.

“People still remember with horror an atypical pneumonia. This is the reason for the current fear, however we are now much better prepared to resist such a disease,” says Dr. Josie Golding.

A new virus, after which patients develop pneumonia, has claimed the lives of two people.

What do the experts say?

The world organization on health protection also stated that monitoring the outbreak and are in touch with the Chinese authorities.

According to the head of the charitable organization the Wellcome Trust Jeremy Farrar, is just the beginning.

“There are still many obscure and unknown moments. However, we know that the disease can be transmitted through infected person. Reported new cases of the disease in China and other countries, so we draw conclusions that the virus will spread.”

Professor Jonathan ball of Nottingham University said, “unless you do extensive scientific research, it is very difficult to determine the real number of infected people”.