A notoriety advantage for the CAQ in Trois-Rivières

A notoriety advantage for the CAQ in Trois-Rivières


The incumbents in the ridings of Champlain and Trois-Rivières are leaving with a head start on their opponents in terms of notoriety, TVA Nouvelles was able to observe on Monday by surveying voters.

In fact, the citizens interviewed by TVA are more familiar with CAQ MPs Sonia Lebel and Jean Boulet, who have respectively represented Champlain and Trois-Rivières for the past four years, than their opponents.

< p> “The candidates are people who have a certain notoriety and, this is the case in our region, a certain notoriety in their milieu. There are currently plenty of them on the list of candidates, but there are few known candidates,” explained political analyst Luc Massicotte.

It must be said that the stakes are high for a well-known personality who would like to go into politics.

“If you are a well-known personality, it's a lot of risks that you take, you put that in the hands of people,” added Mr. Massicotte.

For organizations, it's difficult to place requests when you don't know the candidates.

“Usually, we know a lot of everyone, we know what they are involved in , especially me who follows a lot. While there, I'm going to need them to come and introduce themselves,” said the general coordinator at the Mauritian Center for the Organization of Services and Popular Education (COMSEP), Sylvie Tardif.

Already, three of the CAQ candidate election offices are open in Champlain, Nicolet-Bécancour-Saurel and Trois-Rivières.