A nutritionist shares the secrets to successful weight loss

The process of losing weight seems like a long and troublesome, and dietary restrictions and going to the gym at first, unaccustomed to seem a task almost impossible. Not everyone is ready from tomorrow to radically change the way of life, and most importantly, adhere to the plan. To dispel the fears and misconceptions of slimming took nutritionist Natalia Koshkina.

Is it possible to lose weight easily, enjoy? There are several common misconceptions about weight loss: the less you eat, the better weight loss process is the flour you want to survive, then to enjoy life.

But that’s not true. The secret is to start with simple things that do not require much willpower, and then gradually complicate them — as soon as you get used to them.

Choose something one and start practicing from tomorrow:

  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.
  • Get out of the house unwanted products or those in which you don’t know the extent.
  • Refrain from sugary drinks: soda, fruit drinks, packaged juices. It’s empty calories.
  • Replace high-calorie store-bought sauces are homemade, more useful.
  • Do not eat junk food more than 1 time a day. For example, at lunch, ate pizza for dinner and go back to the old food.

You can follow this order. Or to change habits sometimes. There’s no right recipe. Above all, try something.

All this will help to consume fewer calories and therefore reduce weight. In this case, you will not feel hungry and disadvantaged.