‘A parent’s worst nightmare’: in 15 States, revealed a mysterious children’s disease associated with a coronavirus

On 13 may, the Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo said that 15 States are currently investigating cases of mysterious diseases in children, which is potentially associated with a coronavirus. The Governor urged parents to “know” about the inflammatory syndrome, presumably associated with COVID-19, writes CBS News.

'Худший кошмар родителей': в 15 штатах выявлена загадочная детская болезнь, связанная с коронавирусом

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“If your child came in contact with someone who had COVID, even if it happened a few weeks ago, this should be particularly alarming, said Cuomo in his daily press conference on may 13. — You should know”.

Currently in new York revealed more than 100 cases of “multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children”. Doctors in the United Kingdom was first noted cases of the syndrome that appears similar to Kawasaki disease, a rare but serious disease observed in some children who have contracted a viral infection.

“New York in many respects is under the gun,’ said Cuomo. We considered 102 cases, when children who might be infected with the virus COVID, symptoms of inflammatory diseases such as Kawasaki disease, or toxic shokopodobnoe syndrome”.

According to the Governor, except in new York, another 14 States and Washington, D.C., and 5 European countries reported cases. States: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, new Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah and Washington.

Three children in new York city at the age of 5, 7 and 18 died after the onset of symptoms of the disease. Of the 102 exposed in the state cases, 60% tested positive for COVID-19 and 40% tested positive for antibodies to it.

“This means that children either have a virus, or it could be a few weeks ago,” said Cuomo.

70% of these children in new York had to be treated in the ICU, 19% required intubation, 43% still hospitalized. Cuomo said the cases occurred all over the state and in different ages, most children from 5 to 14 years.

According to reports of the Commissioner of health of new Jersey Judith Persichilli at a press conference on 11 may, the cases reported in new Jersey involving children, aged 3 to 18 years. She said the state has received 18 reports of the syndrome from 9 districts, and that 4 of the cases tested positive for COVID-19.

May 11 the health Department of new York sent a warning to the 49 other States, notifying them about the correlation of the syndrome with COVID-19. While in new York there were only 85 cases.

May 13, the Governor noted that recently the health authorities believed the children safe group from the point of view of infection with coronavirus.

“We thought that the children had not suffered from a virus, and now we find out what happens to them. The condition is manifested, perhaps, in a few weeks, what’s really alarming,” said he.

Cuomo said that since the syndrome may occur no sooner than a few weeks after coronavirus infection, and does not look like a normal case COVID-19 may syndrome was not initially diagnosed as associated with the virus.

Symptoms COVID-19 mainly respiratory; but symptoms similar to Kawasaki observed in children appears to be caused by inflammation of the blood vessels. Predominant manifestations include prolonged fever, abdominal pain and skin rash. Children suffering from this disease, also saw changes in skin color (she became pale, mottled or cyanotic), difficulty feeding (in infants), shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and lethargy, irritability or confusion.

According to the Governor, the state health Department ordered hospitals to give priority to the testing COVID-19 for children with any of the symptoms associated with inflammatory syndrome.

“It’s a parent’s worst nightmare”, he said.




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