A partner of the Fund involved in a “Ponzi fraud”?

Caisse partner involved in «Ponzi scheme


Caisse de Dépôt's controversial cryptocurrency partner, Celsius Network, is accused by its ex-business partner, KeyFi, of running a “Ponzi scheme”. 

“The recent revelation that Celsius does not have the necessary assets to meet its withdrawal obligations shows that the defendants were in fact operating a Ponzi scheme,” a class document from the court alleges. 'State of New York consulted by The Journal.

According to the plaintiff, Celsius faced a liquidity crisis and subsequently offered juicy interest rates to attract new depositors.

As a result, the money was used to repay former depositors and creditors. 

“So while Celsius continued to present itself as a transparent and well-capitalized company, it had in fact become a Ponzi scheme,” argues the lawsuit.

La Caisse muette

Friday, the Ca isse declined to comment on these explosive allegations.

“We will not comment. We continue to follow the situation closely,” Caisse spokesperson Kate Monfette told the Journal.

Celsius also did not respond to our request for an interview. .