A pharmacist struck off for 8 months for thefts in 14 pharmacies

Pharmacist dismissed 8 months for thefts in 14 pharmacies


A pharmacist who took advantage of his replacements in pharmacies across Quebec to steal psychostimulants intended for people suffering from attention deficit has been expelled from his order for eight months . 

After three years working in a pharmacy in Coaticook, Étienne Dauphin had decided to register with an employment agency to do replacements. He aspired to visit Quebec to reconcile his two passions: pharmacy and photography.   

In the summer of 2017, however, the pharmacist began to consume, without a prescription, central nervous system stimulants such as Ritalin, Concerta, Dexedrine or Vyvance, which he obtained from the inventory of pharmacies where he makes his replacements. In nearly two years, Dauphin made replacements in southern Quebec from Ayer's Cliff to Thetford Mines, but also in the North at Lebel-sur-Quévillon and Puvirnituq near Baie-James.   

The choice of pharmacies where he works is not insignificant according to the decision of the disciplinary council of the Ordre des pharmacists du Québec published recently. It “targets pharmacies whose internal control system seems favorable to it”.  

Caught in the act 

The pharmacist even goes so far as to make a false prescription for 75 Methylphenidate tablets using the name and license number of his attending physician. Except that a pharmacist-owner of three businesses in the Eastern Townships noted discrepancies in the inventory that he links to the replacements of Étienne Dauphin.   

Moreover, the respondent was filmed without his knowledge in June 2019 when he appropriated drugs from a reserve to put them in his backpack. Dauphin will be confronted by this owner and will admit to him that he has stolen small quantities of medication “in order to stay focused and avoid distractions caused by ambient noise”, which led to an investigation by the Syndic of the Order Quebec pharmacists. 

In the meantime, Étienne Dauphin takes charge of himself, he consults a doctor who gives him a prescription in good and due form while certifying, in January 2020, that the pharmacist is able to resume his profession. He even gets a job in Granby after revealing the alleged facts to his employer.   

 Besides the theft of psychostimulants from the three Estrie pharmacies estimated at $1,780 and the prescription of 75 tablets, the investigation by the trustee of the Order of Pharmacists did not quantify the number of drugs  14 pharmacies affected. Étienne Dauphin, however, has made “Immoderate use of psychotropic drugs” for two years which casts doubt as to whether he is “trustworthy”.  

Except that the pharmacist has returned to work, will be tested and has been unknowingly monitored for a year and a half. A radiation of eight months was therefore imposed on the one who pleaded guilty to 29 disciplinary offenses. 

The pharmacist has not been the subject of any criminal charges.

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