A pimp betrayed by his cell gets 30 months in jail

A pimp betrayed by his cell gets 30 months in jail


A pimp who was betrayed by his misplaced cell phone has been jailed for 30 months for advertising the sexual services of a young woman, even though she never filed a complaint against him him.

“Building a file without a victim statement, to my knowledge, is a first,” dropped the JournalCrown prosecutor Me Eve Malouin.

Lensly François, 28, pleaded guilty in June at the Longueuil courthouse to advertising sexual services, taking advantage of the sexual exploitation of a person as well as for identity fraud. 

Judge Marco LaBrie then endorsed the joint suggestion of the Crown and defense lawyer Me  Benoît Cliche, sentenced to 30 months in prison. 

compromising text messages 

In this affair, the resident of the borough of Saint-Hubert, in Longueuil, was obviously the architect of his misfortune.

The police investigation has begun last summer when he lost his bag, which contained his cell phone, a passport and some money, after an altercation in the DIX30 district, in Brossard. 

When security agents wanted to check who to give the found goods to, they came across text messages compatible with the offer of sexual services. They contacted the police who then obtained a warrant to search the contents of the phone.

“They found frequent correspondence either with clients seeking services or with a [woman], who offered sexual services. Part of the money was sometimes sent by Interac transfer to François ”, summarized Me Malouin.

Other evidence at his home 

After a search of François' home, investigators discovered other incriminating evidence in other cell phones and computers, as well as false documents. 

« What is particular, it's that [the victim] will never make a statement against him. The bulk of the evidence was based on the analysis of cell phones, which leaves no room for interpretation,” said Me  Malouin.  

Lensly François was acquitted of the accusation of procuring which weighed against him. However, he has several criminal records in similar matters. When he leaves the penitentiary, he will have a three-year probation.

– With Valérie Gonthier

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