A poor appetite? Named enemies of a healthy appetite

Many problem to feed children or grandchildren. Why the child ceased to eat normally? Tips on how to feed the maloezhka.

Плохой аппетит? Названы враги здорового аппетита

Lack of appetite a child may have different causes. It can be illness or a trivial failure to comply with the diet. If a child is sick, suggest to find out the cause of a sharp drop in appetite with the doctor-pediatrician and after recovery to expect normal interest in food. But why a healthy child refuses to vitamins, minerals and other nutrients? Where the hidden enemies of a healthy appetite?

  • The enemies of a healthy appetite:

Lack of physical activity. Today, many children prefer walking in the street computer games. Show hardness. A couple of hours in the fresh air will help children to work up an appetite.

Chaotic diet. The body likes order. Then he has time to prepare for a particular occupation. If Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner daily at the same time, your child will learn to want to eat when it’s needed.

Sweets. Children like sweets. It’s a fact! Some cakes can fully meet energy requirements for activity and to stifle the appetite. But they will not give, no vitamins, no minerals, no protein. Again you will need the toughness. Sweet just for dessert, no candy snacking between meals.

  • Will help to feed the maloezhka

Now let us list folk remedies for appetite that are suitable for children. Infusions of calamus, chicory, yarrow or dandelion roots help to whet the appetite if before a meal drink a glass of money. Not less effective half a Cup of Apple juice or juice of raspberries. Teaspoon before meals of aloe juice with honey will cause the desire to eat. And, finally, some berries of sea buckthorn, barberry, Aronia melanocarpa or seeds of caraway or anise , too, will awaken the desire to eat your child.

Before using popular recipes, consult a doctor about Allergy!