A post-Christmas purchases: what you should buy and how to save more

Although Christmas has passed, buyers can enjoy discounts on clothes, furnishings and other items in the period of Christmas and even in January. This writes Fox Business.

Послерождественские покупки: что стоит приобретать и как сэкономить больше

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The survey by the National retail Federation, which was attended by nearly 8,000 respondents, showed that 68% of consumers are likely to shop during the week after Christmas. Almost 50% plan to take advantage of sales and promotions after the holidays, and 27% plan to use gift cards. And more than half of buyers say they will return or exchange any unwanted gifts during the first month after receiving them.

But just as buyers need to closely monitor deals on Black Friday, they should do the same for post-Christmas shopping.

“Do not think that sale — it’s a good offer,’ said Julie Rembold, senior staff member DealNews.com web site comparisons. — Compare the prices”.

Buyers should also take into account the tightening of the rules the return. Some well-known retailers such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Macy’s and Kohl’s, reduce the return period of the goods. Stores that once had the unlimited return policy, reduced them to one year, then to 180 days, and now in some cases up to 90 days or less, according to Edgar dworsky, the founder of the Boston site for the protection of the rights of consumers Consumer World.

A few tips on what you should buy after Christmas:

Buy in advance: the Period of post-Christmas shopping is a good time to stock up on things like wrapping paper, cards and home decor items that will be needed next year. For example, the price of holiday decor, as a rule, is reduced by 50%, but these discounts have increased to 80% after December 25.

Buy seasonal clothes: last year, about a third petroelastic transactions was connected with the clothing and accessories. But stores such as Victoria’s Secret and Michael Kors also used this period for semi-annual sales. Discounts on sweaters and other winter clothing accounted for about 50%, but if you wait until January 1, you can buy some goods, if they remain at a discount of 70%.

As for electronics, it is best to wait until after the annual exhibition Consumer Electronics Show in early January, which will feature new technical products. This will help retailers to decide which old goods to sell at discounted rates.

To get the best deals, look for products sold in stores that are different from their core range.