A powerful earthquake in Indonesia ‘predicted’ dead fish (PHOTO, VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Мощное землетрясение в Индонезии 'предсказали' мертвые рыбы (ФОТО, ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

September 26, near the Indonesian Molucca Islands earthquake. Department of climatology, meteorology and Geophysics of Indonesia (BMKG) reports underground push of a magnitude of 6.8 with epicenter in the sea about 40 km northeast of Ambon city on the island and the hypocenter at a depth of 10 km. there is no tsunami Threat.

United States geological survey (USGS) estimates the magnitude of that earthquake at 6.5 with an epicenter 10 km South of the city Kairat on the island of Seram and the hypocenter at a depth of 18 km.

The tsunami threat was not. The earthquake on the Islands of Ambon and Seram there is destruction. In localities there was panic, people ran into the street and evacuated to the hills. While it is known about five killed, dozens of residents were injured, reports Stormnews with reference to Kompas.com.

Seismologists warn about the threat of aftershocks. In addition, meteorologists in Ambon had to make an unusual statement that between the death of fish on the island and the recent earthquake there is no connection.

Thousands of dead fish were discovered in the period from 12 to 15 September. The cause of the incident could not explain, and then there were rumors that mass fish death heralds in a short time a powerful earthquake and tsunami. Some of the inhabitants to protect themselves from the elements, have left their homes and set up tents in the hills, said the Agency Antara.

Scientists recommend that people not worry about and do not panic. At the same time it is noted that before this earthquake the seismic situation in Ambon was calm. Only in the North-East of the island from 10 to 15 September was recorded quake of magnitude 2.5 to 3.0.

Note that in Indonesia, exposed to various natural disasters regularly have problems with rumors, for example, a tsunami or catastrophic volcanic eruptions, which spread with lightning speed through the instant messengers and social networks. In result repeatedly there was nothing unreasonable evacuation of residents, which for people with problems of the cardiovascular system often end in death.

Mass death of fish in Ambon: