A powerful fire broke out on one of the largest refineries in the world: live from the place of incident

Мощный пожар вспыхнул на одном из крупнейших нефтеперерабатывающих заводов мира: видео с места ЧП

In Saudi Arabia there was a fire on one of the world’s largest oil refineries, Saudi Aramco. We will remind, in November 2018, a massive fire at the refinery occurred in Moscow.

Channel Al-Arabiya and the Associated Press reported shots were fired on the premises. Their sounds are heard in the video, published on the web. journalist Ahmad Algabri.

In addition, according to unconfirmed reports, the appearance of fire was preceded by explosion.

At the moment, according to Al-Arabiya, citing its own correspondent, the fire managed to localize.

Meanwhile, the interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia said the drone attack on the two facilities at Saudi Aramco in Abqaiq large fields and Horise. There too were the fires.

Who can stand for dangerous incidents, it turns out.

Saudi Aramco is the state company of Saudi Arabia, and its oil refineries capable of processing up to 7 million tonnes of barrels per day. In 2006, militants, suicide bombers of the terrorist organization “al-Qaeda” has tried to sabotage the factory, but the attempt failed.

We will remind, in July for the first time Ukraine has started importing oil from the US.

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