A powerful tornado hit in Tennessee has died

A powerful storm caused at least two tornadoes that struck the center tn early Tuesday morning, March 3. A tornado caused significant damage in Nashville and killed several people. This writes Fox News.

Мощные торнадо обрушились на Теннесси: есть погибшие

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“Pray for the people of Nashville, Tennessee, said senior meteorologist Janice Dean. — It was a night tornado, people were sleeping, and now they have to clean up all the destruction and realize that people died”.

The emergency Department of Tennessee confirmed that at least nine people were killed in a tornado.

Police Department of Nashville said that at least two people were killed in East Nashville, while the County Sheriff’s Department Putnam reported that three people in the district died after a tornado that struck the city between the borders of Cookeville and Baxter.

Police and firefighters of Nashville has responded to about 40 the collapse of buildings across the city, the surrounding area was dotted with collapsed walls and roofs, dangling power lines broken and huge trees.

“Tornado swept across the County — said the mayor of Nashville, John Cooper during a visit to the asylum for emergency situations. — People were in the hospital”.

Forecasters believe that the storm that hit Nashville, a tornado was EF-3 that passed through a “densely populated area”. Estimated prediction Center storms National administration oceanic and atmospheric research, tornadoes, purporting to be an EF-3 are considered as phenomena with strong winds from 136 to 165 mph (218-265 km/h) and cause “serious” damage.

The video, posted online by Sam Shamburger leading forecaster the National weather service, Nashville, showed that it was a well-defined tornado, quickly moving through East Nashville. Lightning repeatedly flashed while most of the city was in the dark. And even when the tornado disappeared from view was the noise of the wind.

“It sounded like someone just threw bricks in the Windows,” said a man named mark who lives in one of the most affected areas.

Some schools that were already closed for super Tuesday will be closed for another week or more for repairs due to storm damage.

Wilson County, East of Nashville, close the school until the end of the week. It is expected that locations for elections in schools will remain open.

Jeff Roberts of the Electoral Commission said that the information about damage going to the polling stations. The statement said that any voter in the County of Davidson, whose assigned area was affected by tornadoes, may vote in the electoral Commission offices. Part open at different times starting from 07:00 GMT, depending on the County.

Emergency crews assess the damage from the tornado. Shortly after the first tornado in Putnam County, East of Nashville, was issued two warnings.

Basement East, café bar in Nashville, reportedly “suffered significant damage”, but all staff is in order.

The American Red Cross in Tennessee said in his Twitter account that a shelter for affected residents opened in downtown at the farmers market Nashville.

In mount Juliet, police urged residents to stay in their homes.

“Our community has had a significant impact, stated in the police Department of the city. — We continue to look for victims. Stay home if you can.”

Police shared a map illustrating the path of the tornado passed.

According to reports, several people were injured, and police continue to search for inhabitants. The house is also badly damaged, from the district Secretariat Drive reports of significant damage.

In addition, a gas leak led to the evacuation of the building the IMT in Germantown. The photos show how dozens of people took to the street, carrying their belongings shortly after the tornado passed through the town.

Airport John C. Tune “suffered extensive damage due to severe weather,” said press Secretary Kim Gerlach. Several hangars were destroyed and power lines disabled, but she added that no one was hurt.

Gerlock asked people to avoid visits to the airport until further notice and that the airport authority activated its emergency Centre to coordinate the response.

Power company Nashville Electric wrote on Twitter that four of its substations were damaged by the tornado. According to representatives of the company, interruptions in the supply of electricity from 04:00 affected more than 44 000 consumers.

The national weather service of the USA (NSW) has declared the storm a “serious threat.”

It is projected that the storm will bring tornadoes, damaging winds and large hail. It is expected that in the next few days, torrential rains will fall on States that are on the Gulf coast.



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