A predator who assaulted six random women

A predator who assaulted six random women


A sexual predator who sexually attacked several women in a completely random fashion in parks has admitted disturbing behavior that will need to be “debunked” before a sentence is handed down.  

In the winter of 2022, the presence of a man who attacked two women outdoors at the Duchesnay Tourist Station created a wave of concern. Despite the threat taken very seriously by the Sûreté du Québec, it took several months for Mathieu Arsenault to be finally put out of harm's way.  

A first event occurred in March when a lady who accompanied young cross-country skiers in Duchesnay was stopped by a man who asked for directions. Without warning, the 28-year-old approached the woman who wanted to help him, cupping her face to kiss her.  

The 43-year-old victim, who was accompanied by a teenager, had extricated herself from the arms of the aggressor and had fled to report the event to the authorities. A second, much more serious sexual assault, however, occurred on the cross-country ski trails of Duchesnay about ten days later.  

In the middle of the forest, the man had intercepted a cross-country skier to ask her for directions. Without warning, the stranger had tried to kiss the 57-year-old lady who fell to the ground. 

Arsenault then lowered the lady's pants and inserted a finger into her private parts. In an attempt to get out of the clutches of her attacker, the latter had offered Arsenault to masturbate him, which he accepted. The victim ran with his mitts on until he saw other cross country skiers approaching and screamed for help.  

Four other victims

The same day, the predator also attacked another woman, the owner of a stable, to whom he went on the pretext of buying firewood. The woman had pushed him away with a shovel.  

During the same period, a friend of the accused also filed a complaint against him after being the victim of a assault. do. Invited by his victim to watch a movie, Arsenault was insistent on getting closer, but the woman refused. 

“I'm going to show you that I can have whatever I want,” said the defendant, holding the struggling lady's hands. It was the latter's dog who, growling, had stopped the attack, which was finally presented as an assault.  

The media coverage of the sexual predator then allowed an assaulted victim free of charge in a Lévis park in June 2022 to identify Mathieu Arsenault. Once again, the predator had kissed him claiming to have found keys.  

A sugar bush owner who had hired Arsenault in January 2022 to work, but who had also been assaulted by the accused while she was with him in the woods, filed a complaint. 

The 28-year-old pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual assault and one count of assault. The latter has no prior history and his lawyer, Me Stéphanie Pelletier-Quirion has requested a pre-sentence report to “demystify” this “isolated” episode in Arsenault’s life. 

He will therefore return in December for sentencing, he who has been incarcerated since June.   

List of attacks on Mathieu Arsenault:   

January 7, 2022 

27-year-old woman  

In a sugar bush in Saint-Raymond de Portneuf 

Hit in the buttocks and thighs 


February 9, 2022   

30 year old female

Attendance of the Accused  

In Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures 



March 19, 2022

43-year-old woman

At the Duchesnay tourist resort in Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier

Try to kiss her by taking her face 


April 1, 2022  

57-year-old woman

At the Duchesnay Tourist Station in Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier

Takes her pants off and inserts a finger in her private parts 


April 1, 2022 

64-year-old female 

< p>In a stable in Quebec  

Tries to kiss her, she defends herself with a shovel 


5 June 2022  

39-year-old woman  

Parc Les Écarts de Lévis  

Tent of the kiss