A Quebec pimp arrested again

Quebec pimp arrested again


A pimp who has already served five years in prison for recruiting a 15-year-old girl has just to be arrested again, this time on charges of procuring a 23-year-old woman.

In 2017, Joey-Brant Fournier was arrested after recruiting a 15-year-old teenager who had run away from the Center jeunesse l'Escale in order to sexually exploit her. The man who first pleaded guilty then wanted to reverse his decision, but the judge still sentenced him to five years in prison in October 2020. 

Now, Fournier has again been arrested to face charges of pimping a 23-year-old young woman. The man who appeared on Wednesday afternoon now faces seven charges. 

Death threat

In addition to being accused of having recruited the young woman, the 27-year-old man is accused of having exercised control over a person who offered sexual services for consideration. The events took place in Quebec, but also in Mississauga, Ontario. alt=”Quebec pimp arrested again” />

File photo Joey-Brant Fournier, Accused

According to the indictment, Fournier started his offenses again in May&nbsp ;2021, seven months after receiving his five-year sentence. At the time of his five-year sentence in October 2020, Fournier had already served just over three years in protective custody. of fact on the same victim were filed against Joey-Brant Fournier. The accused will remain in custody pending his release hearing.

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