‘A real treasure’: a man bought a coin worth $100 thousand for 56 cents

Rare continental dollar, 1776, purchased at a flea market for less than $ 1, worth nearly $100 000. This writes Fox News.

'Настоящее сокровище': мужчина купил монету стоимостью $100 тысяч за 56 центов

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The coin was bought by a man who remained anonymous for 56 cents in June 2018, according to the company Professional Coin Grading Services (PCGS), which assessed the coin.

“The seller had a box of cookies full of coins and medals for sale, and while the buyer was looking at it, the salesman pulled out another box of coins with the coin on top, — said in a statement PCGS. “The buyer is unfamiliar with this work, asked the price, and the seller said that 56 cents. The coin was purchased and the new owner later found information about this coin, and learned that he had a treasure”.

Rare coin, made of tin, contains three rings: the Central ring sundial has a sun’s rays and under it the inscription “MIND YOUR BUSINESS”. The next ring shows the “FUGIO” and the sun, and the last — “CONTINENTAL CURRENCY”.

On the opposite side of the coin depicts a chain, in that the names of the 13 colonial States. Inside these rings there are two separate rings, one of which reads “WE ARE ONE” and the other “the AMERICAN CONGRESS”.

It is unclear where they were made continental dollars. Some experts believe that they were “made by England, as a satire” in an attempt to ridicule the currency of the newly formed United States.

Despite this, they are still rare and valuable, explained in PCGS. “Although the origin of these works is still under discussion, the Continental dollars of 1776 are important early coin dedicated to the birth of an entirely new nation of the United States.”

PCGS valued the coin at $97 500, adding that she “is a real treasure.”

Rare coins is big business. Last year, an extremely rare coin of half dollar of 1838, was sold at auction for $504 thousand.

Extremely rare coin of 1894, one of the 24 available and once belonged to the former owner of the Lakers Jerry Buss, was sold at auction for $1,32 mln in 2019.

In 2016 at auction in Florida was sold coin 1894-S $2 million