A record number of police officers in the U.S. died from suicide in 2019

According to the nonprofit organization Blue H. E. L. P., a record number of current or former police officers died last year from suicide. In 2019 228 policemen were killed by suicide compared with 172 in 2018, says ABC News.

Рекордное количество полицейских в США умерло от самоубийств в 2019 году

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“I very much hope that 2020 will be the year when everything changes. I would like to suicide prevention received the same efforts that we put forward for traditional deaths in the line of duty,” said the founder of the Karen Solomon.

According to the Blue H. E. L. P., in new York recording the highest number of suicides – 27. Followed by CA – 23, FL – 19 and FL – 15. Among these 27 new York 10 were members of the new York police Department.

“The pace of the police Department of new York is relentless. Requirements, financial constraints and accommodation in new York is a challenge,” said John Adler, a former Director of the Office of justice programs, Department of justice and a former law enforcement officer in new York.

Adler said that being in a big city may mean that many of the police are exposed to more stressful events with greater frequency. It can knock down the mental wall officer, and the huge amount of negative memories can have terrible consequences.

Among the 228 officers who died by suicide in 2019, some 90% were male. About 25% of veterans who served at least 20 years.

Chuck Wexler, Executive Director of the Police research forum police, said that the figure of the Blue H. E. L. P. on 228 suicides in 2019 is low.

“Suicide is a security issue police number one. And we need more effective research to better understand this national problem,” said Wexler.