A resident of Chicago bitten to death a French bulldog, rescued from a shelter

A woman from suburban Chicago to death killed a French bulldog, who she rescued from a shelter, tells the Independent.

Жительницу Чикаго насмерть загрыз французский бульдог, спасенный из приюта

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Police, who arrived on a call to her house in the afternoon on Saturday, may 9, described the scene of the incident “terrible.”

Lisa Urso were found without signs of life in the courtyard of her house. The coroner’s office lake County confirmed that the death was caused by a dog attack.

The dog attacked the Urso in the house, where there were signs of a struggle. The woman was able to get out before he lost consciousness.

Dr. Howard Cooper told WGN that Urso recently rescued a dog from a shelter. An animal originally bred for dog fighting.

The woman was mutilated feet, hands and body, but not hurt the neck. It was also a lot of scratches.

“I hate to say it, but, unfortunately, it was a brutal attack,” said Dr. Cooper.

At the time, boyfriend of the deceased was not at home. It turned out that the dog had attacked him — then the man called rescuers, who took the animal. But later Lisa Urso went over the dog and brought her back.

“Do you not think that it will happen to small breed dogs, but we forget that animals can be strong, said Dr. Cooper. — The animal has a lot of strength in their jaws”.

The Urso had two dogs — a second French bulldog, which also was the blood, and the border collie, which had no trace of the attack.

The French bulldog is the fourth most popular breed of dog in the U.S. according to the American kennel club.