A resident of China ‘revenge society’ poured lye over 50 pupils of the kindergarten (PHOTO)

Житель Китая 'из мести обществу' облил щелочью более 50 воспитанников детсада (ФОТО)

At least 51 children and three teachers were injured after the man got into nursery in Yunnan province in southwest China and sprayed a caustic chemical. About this informed the Agency “Xinhua”.

23-year-old man entered the building of the kindergarten in the city of Kaiyuan, and went into the room where the children were playing and sprayed a caustic liquid. Later found that the spray was a caustic soda – lye, is capable of destroying metal and porcelain. It is used to clean the equipment at the plants.

The man managed to throw liquid 51 of the child. Two of them suffered serious injuries. Their life is out of danger, but children will need prolonged treatment. The suspect got clean away out of kindergarten after the incident and after an hour it was detained by the police.

On questioning, the man admitted that such an act decided “revenge society” arising from the lack of attention to him the mother in childhood, heavy current family situation and problems at work. So he decided “to take revenge on people.”

In 2010 in China, swept a series of attacks on kindergartens. On April 29 in taixing (Taizhou) of Jiangsu province, a 47-year-old Xu Yuyuan broke into a kindergarten with a knife. The 20-inch blade, he stabbed 28 children and three adults. Five children were hospitalized in critical condition. Most of the affected children was four years, almost all of them went to the same group. Among the injured were two teachers and one security guard.

May 15, the criminal was sentenced to death. Hearing Xu Yuyuan lasted only a few hours. The trial was watched by about 300 people. Yu explained his action by the fact that he was angry at society because he was unemployed and was burdened with debt. May 30, 2010, the death sentence was carried out.

April 30, 2010, five children were injured in the attack on a group of preschool education in elementary school in the city of Weifang in Eastern Shandong province. A man armed with a hammer, attacked a group of children of preschool age, and then, seizing two children, was soaked in gasoline and set himself on fire. Teachers were able to repel the children from the burning hands of a maniac. The assailant died at the scene from his injuries. The affected children were sent to the hospital.

May 12 tragedy – the attack on a kindergarten in Hanzhong, nine people were killed and 11 people were injured. Around 8:00, a man entered a kindergarten and a knife for cutting products killed seven children and two adults. The murderer was 48-year-old farmer, one of the suburban villages after the massacre he returned home and committed suicide.

Finally, in August 2010 massacre occurred in a kindergarten Chinese province of Shandong. Then killed three children and the employee of the institution, and about 20 more students and another teacher were wounded, and two children were hospitalized in serious condition. Soon the suspect in the attack surrendered to the police. It appeared to be a private entrepreneur Fan Jian tan.