A resident of Kansas asked the court to duel for the samurai sword with his ex-wife

Resident of Paola, Kansas, filed a petition for a duel with Japanese swords with his ex-wife, writes “Lenta.ru”.

Житель Канзаса попросил суд о поединке на самурайских мечах с бывшей женой

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40-year-old David Sharp asked the judge to allow him to cross swords with his ex-wife and her attorney to resolve a legal dispute about custody of their two children and the property tax. He also asked for an adjournment of 12 weeks to ensure the availability of samurai swords.

American stressed that the referee has the authority to give such permission, as the right to judicial solution of conflicts, the fight has never been explicitly prohibited or restricted in the United States.

Ostrom argues that his 38-year-old ex-wife Brigette and her lawyer Matthew Hudson “destroyed it by law”, so he wants to respond to the absurdity of the actions of Hudson in the same absurdity. He allowed the former wife to choose who will participate in the match, she and her lawyer.

Hudson challenged in court the requirement Ostroma because the duel can result in death, but such an outcome is excessive for settlement of the dispute on taxes on property and custody. He asked the judge to refuse satisfaction of requirements about the duel.

Judge of Iowa Craig of Traismauer said that soon will announce the decision and pointed to violations in the procedure of filing motions and responding to both sides.