A resident of Kentucky decided to feed the homeless in Taco Bell: they were humiliated and expelled

Shannon Gridley from Louisville, Kentucky, wanted to help local homeless and feed a group of 20 people lunch at your expense at a local Taco Bell. Having a decent amount of money for orders, the Manager of the institution was ordered to lock the toilets and close the hall, then kicked the woman with all the people she led.

Жительница Кентукки решила накормить бездомных в Taco Bell: их унизили и выгнали

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When the Manager asked what happened, she replied that she was forbidden to comment on the incident, writes USA Today.

When the reporter went to the door, the Manager gave a lecture to its employees, telling them how they should react if the media started to ask questions. One of the officers was repeating aloud the key moments of the history of Gridley, adding the context words on how store managers treat the homeless and the defenders who are trying to help them.

The office of public relations Taco Bell, Irvine, California, announced that the network is investigating the incident and the owners ordered a retraining of staff.

What happened?

On Tuesday night, leaving the library in Public and technical College Jefferson, Gridley went to the nearest restaurant to have dinner. It was about 19:30. Inspired to read a biography of Eddie Murphy that when he was a young comedian in Los Angeles invited street racers and prostitutes for lunch, Gridley invited three homeless people she saw on the street, to join her.

Then she saw three more people on the street corner asking for money, and invited them. Passing under the bridge, Gridley noticed another half dozen people, and gathered them all. Then when they were about to enter the restaurant, one of the men saw a man standing at the bus stop with a group of other homeless people.

“Invite them all,” said Gridley.

It was equally a gift to people who really needed it, and a sign of respect. Homeless — people whose existence most people prefer not to admit. Through looking at the intersections and avert their eyes, noticing them on the streets.

“Managers call them “these people”, — said the employee of Taco Bell, who asked not to be named.

By the time when “these people” came to Taco Bell on Tuesday evening, they were about 20. As told 44-year-old Gridley, age group ranged from Teens to sixties.

But as soon as they approached the school, the trouble began. First guard started to interrogate one of the men in the group. Seeing what happens Gridley approached the guard and explained the situation.

“I showed a credit card and said, “All these people are going to order whatever they want and I pay for it,” the woman said.

An employee working at the cash register, immediately turned around and said to his colleague: “they All should go. Insist that all of them are gone,” says Gridley.

16-year-old girl from the group tried to use the toilet, which deliberately closed. Staff told the panel that the toilet was removed half an hour ago “and was not going to do it again.”

Gridley protested. She said the Taco Bell that she and her new friends are going to eat in the restaurant. And she said some of them needed the toilet.

After the first part of the made orders, the staff did not allow them to touch the food before payment.

Gridley paid 77,05 dollar, and her new friends took the food and sat down at the tables. The next group ordered $11,64 more, and then another one for $11,12.

According to her, the hall became a well-dressed man and see what makes Gridley. He gave her $ 10 to help.

At about this time officer came out and announced that the institution closes, while some homeless do not have time to order food. Not ordered anything and a well-dressed man who donated the money.

It was around 19:45 PM. The restaurant always closes at 21:00.

When a well-dressed man replied, Gridley said that the woman at the checkout offered to take his order.

“I said, “Stop. No one is eating, until you do them.” And then all out,” says Gridley.

Staff confirmed the key part of the history of Gridley, with the only difference: the employee believed that everything happened half an hour later. According to him, the staff take great care to prevent the local homeless to a place for visiting toilets.

According to a representative of Taco Bell, the company understands that homelessness is a “sad problem” and that “the network looks forward to the opportunity to contact local organizations to learn how to help and to work better together in the future.”