A resident of Massachusetts tried to save a neighbor’s dog attacks and accidentally killed him

A man from Massachusetts, who used the crossbow, trying to save his neighbor from the attack of two dogs, accidentally shot and killed him. About it writes USA Today.

Житель Массачусетса пытался спасти соседа от нападения собак и случайно убил его

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According to a press release from the district attorney’s office Berkshire, police received a call in the town of Adams, located in the northwestern part of the state. When officers arrived, they found two adult pit bulls aggressive.

Dogs rushed to the officers who shot them.

Then police found a man with a fatal injury from a crossbow. Investigators believe a neighbor took the crossbow and shot the dogs. The shooter touched one of the dogs, and then followed the neighbor to shoot the second, but accidentally hit a person.

The Berkshire district attorney Andrea Harrington stated that the neighbor has a license to own a crossbow.

District Prosecutor’s office identified the dead man as 27-year-old Joshua Causinga Adams, Massachusetts.

According to the district attorney, had previously had an unpleasant history with these dogs. Harrington said one of the dogs previously attacked someone in the house in November 2018. Two dogs were kept in separate cells, and it is unclear how they got out.

According to Harrington, the investigation continues. She added that the neighbor is “upset” because of what happened, and expects that he will be put forward criminal charges.

The General view was that the neighbor was just trying to help, said Harrington.

“I think it was an emergency situation and at the moment all of the investigation indicates that the neighbor react to very stressful circumstances, she said. — They did what they could to neutralize the dog to protect life.”



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