A resident of Michigan found $43,000 in purchased the sofa and made them an unexpected thing

Howard Kirby of Owosso (mi) found more than $43 000 in cash in the couch, which he bought in the shop Habitat for Humanity ReStore. This writes Fox News.

Житель Мичигана нашел $43 000 в приобретенном диване и сделал с ними неожиданную вещь

Photo: Depositphotos

“I still can’t believe it,” said the man.

Kirby bought a sofa to furnish your home. His daughter unzipped the pillow to examine it and found a stack of hundred dollar bills.

“I still don’t believe it’s not a dream,” said Kirby.

Only the couch was found $43 170, but Kirby said he decided not to keep the money. He returned to the store to find the original owner and tell him about the money.

Kim Fauth-Newberry became the new owner of the sofa after her grandfather passed away in 2019. She said she had no idea that there was money inside it when she gave it.

“It’s just crazy, she said. — It is absolutely amazing.”

According to reports, Kirby sought legal advice about his rights to the money, and told him that he is not obliged to return them. Despite the fact that he had a legal right to keep them, he thought that returning them was the right decision.

Store Manager Rick Moorling praised Kirby for what he has set an example and put the needs of someone else above their own.

Kirby claimed that he could use the money for a new roof, but happy that the money is returned to the original owner.

“I always thought, “What would I do if this happened?” Now I know, — he said. And it makes me feel good”.