A resident of Northern California went for groceries for Christmas and won $250 thousand in the lottery

Michael Rosenbrock from Northern California bought the winning ticket at a local grocery store when I went shopping for Christmas dinner. When he saw the winning amount, I didn’t believe in the correctness of the ticket, thinking that he scraped something extra. About it writes the People.

Житель Северной Калифорнии сходил за продуктами к Рождеству и выиграл $250 тысяч в лотерею

Photo: Depositphotos

Michael went to the store to buy the necessary ingredients for a Christmas dinner and decided to try your luck by buying a lottery ticket.

“Come to dinner, visited family, he said to the representatives of the lottery. — I wanted to make sure that all of you took the time to get everything prepared”.

After returning home from the store Food Lion, he took the scratch-off code, but wasn’t happy to see the amount as decided that it was some mistake and he accidentally scraped something extra.

“At first I thought I had won, said Rosenbrock. Good thing I always write my tickets in Raffles a second chance, otherwise I would have thrown them”.

The man said he “couldn’t believe it” when he learned that the ticket for $ 5 turned into $ 250 thousand.

According to representatives of the lottery, Rosenbrock will receive 176 876 dollars after deduction of the required state and Federal taxes.

As for how the lucky winner plans to spend her newfound fortune, the Rosenbrock there is clearly an altruistic plan for the money to start her own non-profit organization.

“There are so many things that we take for granted, he said. — Clean water, food, a roof over my head. I always wanted to do nonprofit work.”

According to the official website, through the sale of lottery tickets attracted more than 700 million US dollars a year on public education.

The money raised through a lottery in North Carolina are spent on needs, such as the construction and renovation of schools, scholarships for poor students, as well as other areas.