A resident of the US in his dinner, discovered a rare gem

Житель США в своем ужине обнаружил редкую жемчужину

American restaurant found in your dinner rare gem.

A resident of the state of new Jersey almost swallowed the rare jewel when served oysters at one of the local restaurants with his wife.

Anton Shermer felt a tiny hard object in your mouth, spit it out and showed my wife. The man discovered that almost ate little gem. The visitor decided to leave the jewel to the owner of the restaurant.

As reported by Fox News, the owner will put it in place, so that visitors were able to admire the rare phenomenon.

“Over the years I have caught hundreds of thousands of oysters and have never found the pearls inside. I have rarely met with warm-water pearl oysters, but never heard of the pearls in cold water. This happens once in a lifetime”, — told the provider to the restaurant oysters from the Kumamoto prefectural Kevin Joseph.