A rule of snacking: why you need to eat every 4 hours

We eat three times a day? Or all six? Tips about why a lot. A nutritionist explains why it’s so important to eat every 4 hours, and it is better suited for a snack.

Правило перекуса: почему нужно есть каждые 4 часа

How many times a day you need to eat?

To this question there is no universal answer – it depends on the state of health. For example, gastritis and obesity, it is useful fractional power. In the first case it helps to avoid the so-called hungry secretion, and the second is to reduce the volume of the stomach.

However, there are people who prefer to eat 3-4 times a day. These include those who have excessive meals causes insulin resistance that in turn contributes to weight gain. That’s why it’s important address to the doctor for a personalized regimen.

But for most people, smaller meals is healthier for the metabolism, the gastrointestinal tract, promoting weight loss.

Than snacking between meals?

The main mistake of those who are standing bites is a snack of simple carbohydrates – breads, candy, bars.

“A great option – a container of food out of the house, and in it a vegetable salad and a piece of boiled or baked with garlic and spices of the meat. Does not work – on the way to work look in the shop and take there low-fat yogurt or cheese with fat content not more than 20% is a good source of calcium. Also suitable nuts and dried fruits or fresh unsweetened fruit”. – says Alla Pogozheva leading researcher, Federal research center of food biotechnology and food safety.