A Russian agent in the United States Mary Butina early release from prison

Russian Maria Butina, who is serving a sentence in the US on charges of working as a foreign agent, should be released earlier than originally announced deadline. This was reported by her father Valery, writes Lenta.Ru.

Агента России в США Марию Бутину досрочно выпустят из тюрьмы

Photo: Facebook/mariavbutina

According to the father, the daughter told him about the document, which States on its release in late October.

“Mary said that there is a document, which she knows, even, in my opinion, saw where ordered to release it by passing immigration deportation on October 25 in eight hours,” he explained.

Boutin also said that Mary is interested in what is happening in Russia and he talks with her during telephone conversations.

“Last time we talked on Sunday. She wants to know what is happening in the country, I tell her. She doesn’t know what is happening in the world. Overall physically she plays sports, acceptable feels. Psychologically it will not break: she reads, talks, she has a lot of visitors within the that allocated to it for communication,” he added.

Агента России в США Марию Бутину досрочно выпустят из тюрьмы

Photo: Facebook/mvbutina

On 2 September it was reported that the Russian woman does not complain of health and conditions of detention in U.S. custody. In the summer it became known that it during detention has lost 20 pounds and her weight was only 40 kg with height 170 cm.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • Mary Butina was arrested in the US in July 2018. The court found her guilty of conspiracy to work as a foreign agent, and foreign agent without registration in 2015.
  • In December Butina made a deal with investigators and partially admitted his guilt. The court sentenced her to 18 months in prison. Taking into account the time spent under arrest, she has nine more months in prison. On the freedom she needs to go November 5, 2019, after which it deported from the United States.
  • In Russia Maria Butina was the leader of the movement “Right to arms”, who advocated the extension of rights to possession of short-barreled rifles. The movement collaborated with the National rifle Association USA (NRA). In 2015 Butina enrolled at American University in Washington, DC for a master’s program in international relations. According to the American investigation, through the NRA, she tried to establish contacts with the environment of Donald trump.