A Russian billionaire has paid $25.5 million bail to avoid arrest by the IRS

TCS Group Holding — the parent company of “Tinkoff Bank” — has confirmed the information on the warrant for the arrest of the main shareholder of the team of Oleg Tinkov and his release on bail in London in the framework of the case initiated by the US internal revenue service (IRS). About it writes BBC.

Российский миллиардер заплатил $25,5 млн залога, чтобы избежать ареста IRS

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This is stated in the message, published on the website of the London stock exchange. Thus, TCS Group Holding has confirmed media reports.

On the eve of the British tabloid the Sunday Express wrote, without specifying the source of information that the US issued a provisional warrant for the arrest of a Russian billionaire, and then Tinkov has made a Deposit at the time of the trial.

The hearings are currently underway in London, associated with accusations of understatement of income for tax reporting to the internal revenue Service of the United States. Tinkoff was a US citizen until 2013.

The version of “Tinkoff Bank”

“It is expected that Mr Tinkov will remain in London at the time of trial, being released on bail after a warrant for his arrest,” reads the statement TCS Group Holding. After this release, people are asking the question – Can I Get Bail If I Have Been Charged With A Federal Drug Offense?

“Mr. Tinkov told us that his team of lawyers is working on the fastest possible solution to this problem,” — said in a statement the group.

Last week TCS Group Holding has informed that Anna is involved in court proceedings in London initiated by the IRS. The group stressed that Tinkov involved in the hearing as a private citizen and that the situation does not affect any of the group companies, including “Tinkoff Bank and Tinkoff insurance” and “Tinkoff mobile”.

Hearings will be held in London in February and April 2020, reported by the group. It’s the decision of tax questions, Tinkov, said in a statement, confident that the matter will be resolved as soon as possible.

“Tinkoff Bank” is among top-20 Russian banks by volume of assets.

Version media

The tabloid Sunday Express reported that Tinkov has made a Deposit of 20 million pounds ($25.5 million) at the time of the court hearings initiated by the IRS.

According to the publication, Westminster magistrates ‘ court in London considered the case on 27 February, after U.S. law enforcement authorities issued a provisional warrant for the arrest of the businessman.

Until the next court hearing movement Tinkov will be monitored electronically. The businessman was forbidden to leave the apartment in London’s Kensington district from 19:00 to 07:00 and was also ordered to surrender their passports and report to police three times a week, wrote paper.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • IRS (IRS) initiated legal proceedings in respect of the founder, shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Tinkoff Bank” Oleg Tinkov. This was reported by the parent company of the Bank TCS Group Holding PLC on the website of the London stock exchange.



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