A Russian immigrant, spoke about the isolation of coronavirus in the United States

Feed author That American Life on “Yandex.Zen” told about the lockdown in the US, and about how to live in this time, people. Hereinafter in the first person.

Русскоязычная иммигрантка рассказала о режиме изоляции из-за коронавируса в США

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Yesterday I wrote about the fact that the order to “Shelter in Place” was introduced in a number of cities and counties in the United States, at the time, like in my area people had more freedom in movement and work. But today things have changed, because our local authorities have declared the decree.

Let’s understand what this order is and should behave as those who fall under its scope.

Just want to note that the main items on the orders of “Shelter in Place” or “Stay Home” are quite similar, but some restrictions may vary depending on the city or County, so in order to be aware of events at 100, learn the local laws and stay tuned.

The order “Stay Home” is a list of limitations for business and individuals, which give effect in that case if the population at risk (at the moment it is a coronavirus). Such an order may be entered for a fixed term, and have an open end date. For example, my County it is valid until 21 April, but local government may at any time change this date.

During the validity of the order to all the people living in this area are required to stay home and limit contact to others. Authorities do not recommend to visit, to gather together for a barbecue or for a session of morning yoga. But in food shopping, for a walk in the Park, preferably alone, to the pharmacy for medicine or to older lonely grandmother to deliver food, to go still permitted, as these actions are necessary or even vital.

In addition, the order does not apply to the practices of companies that produce priority products or provide services in the same category. At that time, like cinemas, swimming pools, gyms, clubs, entertainment parks, etc. to the public are closed, banks, post office, shops, grocery stores, pharmacies and other priority open space, as without them the population will not be able to hold out for long. The rest of the company, if possible, move to remote work, and those who can’t do, simply had to send their staff on paid or unpaid leave for a while.

Can to prescribe penalties for the violation of this order?

Of course the police will not be chasing every passerby or a driver to check whether he is sent to the pharmacy, as reported previously. But law enforcement agencies and authorities in many cities warn that they will closely monitor the implementation of the order and hope for the responsibility of citizens. Well, the worst offenders (especially if it’s management) have to fear fines and jail time up to 60 days.

But in fairness, I note that the local community takes seriously such orders, and the places where they were introduced, without good reason on the street in most cases, people do not go out.

In my country this law is not yet available, so the city Ghost was not yet, and the roads there are cars, and even on the highway tube was small.

Those shops that worked around the clock, now close early, so you have to take this characteristic into account and to adjust to the new schedule.

Not to say that inside supermarkets empty — people continue to shop, but the range in some series is still incomplete. For example, canned vegetables and pasta is in short supply. As well as washing powders. But the rows of paper towels and toilet paper seem bearable compared to what it was last week. Although buyers continue to stock up. In the Department of medicine the selection is pretty good, although I thought that there would be quite empty. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also available, which is good news. Freezing and semi-finished products are taken. It turns out that these products are not so popular among buyers, at least in the supermarket. Mythbusting in real time that will tell.

Well, in a store building materials, where I also had to pop the other day, was empty.

Here I met more people in masks, and many cashiers were also in them, though, masks our staff are not mandatory for use by staff of such shops, in contrast to gloves that cashiers are required to wear and change regularly.

It is important to note that every state is different, as well as the laws and recommendations of the local authorities related to pandemic. So being here, it is important to follow not only the national but also for regional news to be abreast of developments and emergency announcements.

Nice to know that in such difficult moments the population stand together and are willing to help those who are less protected.

Once it became known that the residents of most States will have to go on forced quarantine, a company providing municipal services sent out the message that even if users are not able to pay the bills, something to be afraid of shutdowns of gas, water, electricity, or Internet is not worth it because at the time of a pandemic, suppliers decided to abandon the practice.

And one of the local Internet providers even announced that families in which children are of school age or University students without access to a stable service, can apply for two months of free Internet.

Also, many States currently have laws prohibiting the eviction of tenants for non-payment of rent. That is, the person who is in a difficult situation, maybe at least for some time not to worry about this expenditure.

Well, large companies are not far behind and individuals. Very nice to see in the neighboring communities suggestions to go shopping or mow the lawn. And for the little ones in our area have arranged “hunting” on the cubs. All you need to do is put a Teddy bear or other stuffed animal on the windowsill, and the children who went for a walk with their parents, participate in a kind of quest and seeking the toys in the Windows.

Of course, the pandemic has changed a lot for most people in the US, but at the same time it’s nice to see that people do not lose heart and ready to support each other in these difficult conditions.

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