A Russian immigrant tried to Rob the police in California

In the city of Citrus heights (CA), a Russian immigrant, Dmitri Zubko tried to steal a Bicycle from police and was caught on their bait. This is stated in the message on the Facebook page of the police Department Citrus heights.

Русскоязычный иммигрант попытался обокрасть полицию в Калифорнии

Photo: Depositphotos

“Unfortunately for teeth, he stole the bait and was arrested by our patrol officers. Zubko on probation for burglary, Grand theft, possession of stolen property and resisting arrest”, — stated in the message of the police Department.

Zubko has not once caught stealing and other misdeeds.

“He had previously been arrested for the aforementioned crimes and for stealing a car, possession of tools for burglary, conspiracy, vandalism, fraud, assault, probation violation and drug-related offences”, — stated in the message.

“We are glad that we caught him stealing from us and not from our citizens,” — added the police.

Русскоязычный иммигрант попытался обокрасть полицию в Калифорнии

Screenshot: Facebook/Citrus Heights PD