A scandalous Nobel Prize

A scandalous Nobel Prize


But what did the Nobel Peace Prize committee think of? He divided his Nobel Prize between a Ukrainian NGO, another Russian and a Belarusian opponent. 

As a close adviser to Volodymyr Zelensky mentioned, the Nobel Prize therefore also goes to two countries that attacked Ukraine, to two organizations that were unable to stop Russian troops. Indeed, if people should receive the Nobel Peace Prize, it is the Ukrainians. They are at the front. They are fighting to stop the Russian invasion which threatens not only Ukraine, but also all the other countries of the former Soviet Union.

1. What were the committee's other choices?

The committee had a choice of 343 nominations, including that of Zelensky or multiple organizations working against climate change. But no, the committee wanted to spare the goat and the cabbage, to encourage democratic and pacifist forces in Russia and Belarus. It was a very bad choice. The situation is no longer flowery diplomacy. On Thursday, President Joe Biden said that never since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 has the world been closer to a nuclear apocalypse. The news quickly slipped to second place in international media.

2. Why is Biden warning of danger of nuclear apocalypse?

Biden believes Vladimir Putin is losing the war because of the Russian military's underperformance. He does not see how the Russian army could win the war. Putin loses face. Russia is losing power. The only card left in Putin's deck is to employ a weapon of mass destruction, i.e. nuclear, biological or chemical weaponry. For Biden, the risk of nuclear escalation is obvious and very serious.

3. Why is the danger of nuclear war so little present in the media?

There is no reason for such a statement by Biden to occupy so little space in the media. If such a declaration had been made six months ago, the whole world would have mobilized. But Putin's excesses and the horrors of the war seem to have gradually desensitized public opinion.

4. What is the Russian government responding to?

The Russian government has locked itself into a false logic. He argues that the main perpetrators of the war are the United States and its allies who supply arms to the Ukrainians. Indeed, without arms, the Ukrainians would be easily defeated and peace would return. But such a victory would pave the way for further Russian conquests. Worse, several countries could take inspiration from Russia. It is as if an attacker told his victim to fight less so that the attack would end more quickly.

5. Who can stop Putin?

Clearly, Putin is increasingly toying with the idea of ​​using weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine. Putin does not want to lose power and he is willing to risk the future of the world to keep it. Powers like China and India should publicly warn Putin against using weapons of mass destruction in a war of conquest. The Russian population, which is terrified of opposing Putin, will bear a heavy responsibility if Putin ever uses this weaponry. Conversely, if the Russians kick Putin out, then, like the Ukrainians, they will deserve a Nobel Peace Prize.

A Scandalous Nobel Prize