A season that is going well

A season going well


For the President and CEO of Camping Québec, Simon Tessier, the current camping season is going well. The campers are there. “The season is going well. In terms of traffic, things are taking their course, to explain the specialist. We were ahead in reservations. Everything seems to be going as planned. »

However, he admits that a shadow is beginning to emerge on the board. 

“We have a light cloud of COVID floating above us, as in all of Quebec. There are more cases. Since there are no mandatory measures, apart from isolation, our operators have to maneuver with this whole situation. People need to understand that you can catch COVID on vacation. If so, the campgrounds will not close. I therefore invite campers to be responsible, not to spread the virus and to take measures accordingly. Currently, I have operators who run a two- or three-person campsite. They are caught in a very unpleasant and very difficult situation. »

Despite this cloud, operators are preparing for the big part of the season which is approaching, with the construction holidays.


When it comes to this intensive period that is fast approaching, the CEO likes to remind people that safety must be at the center of their concerns during their stays.

< p>“It's a period that passes quickly. Personally, I always make the same reminder to campers to know that safety has its place at all times, during activities in their stays. Among the activities on a campsite, there are the bodies of water available. We are lucky in the camping industry, we regret very few accidents from year to year. However, for us, one accident is one too many. It is for this reason that I want parents to be there to supervise children around bodies of water. »

It also asks camping enthusiasts to understand that they may have to wait before having access to their site.

“When we are not in the holiday period, people arrive at the same time, at the end of the day, when the pitches are all free. However, during the holiday period, people tend to arrive a little earlier at the campsite of their choice. It should be understood that very often the sites are occupied. People need to have time to do maintenance between two crews, like doing the lawn, for example. […] So I invite people to be understanding. Generally, the construction holiday period is going well at campgrounds in Quebec.

He knows very well that the construction workers are going to need their holidays. “Our teams and our operators are there in the field to give them good times and allow them to forget their work sites for two weeks. »


The whole debate around the price of gasoline does not seem to have significant impacts at the moment. Simon Tessier explains that it is difficult for the moment to measure the repercussions of the price at the pump on the traffic in Quebec campgrounds. 

“At this time, I have no evidence to give you an opinion on the subject. I think that to know if the cost of gasoline has had an impact on the season, we will have to wait for the year-end balance sheet. It's really too early to say,” he explains.

In addition, several factors can influence the course of a season. “Some weekends in June have been a little less busy, that’s for sure, but beyond gas, you have to consider the weather. She was execrable. The rain was often part of it, ”says Mr. Tessier.

He mentions that to have a portrait of the situation, it would be necessary to do a survey of all the campers every morning, a challenge that is practically impossible. 

“I must mention to you, however, that 'no camping operator told us that they were going through a disastrous period,' concludes the CEO of Camping Québec. 


Since June 30, the Zec de la Rivière-Blanche, located in the Portneuf region, has inaugurated two new ready-to-camp sites, a few steps from Lake Lietto. They can accommodate four people, who will be able to take advantage of all the amenities offered to enjoy a very pleasant and very comfortable stay, surrounded by nature. You can find out all about it or book a stay by emailing info@zecdelariviereblanche.com, or by phone at 418 323-2546. We should also mention that several other zecs in Quebec offer facilities for camping enthusiasts. For more information, see the website www.reseauzec.com.