A second accident at the Port of Quebec on the sidelines of the lockout

A second accident at the port of Quebec on the sidelines of the lockout


A second accident in a few days at the Port of Quebec prompted the Union of Longshoremen of Quebec City on Friday to denounce the use of unqualified scabs to carry out the work of longshoremen in lockout.

According to union information, a wheel loader collided with a vehicle near a dock. This incident is the second of its kind to occur in the space of just a few days. Last Sunday, “a manager of the Quebec Saint-Laurent (QSL) company damaged the crane as well as the navigation and telecommunications equipment of a moored ship while carrying out the work of the locked out stevedores over the past weekend.

“It's unfortunate, but these accidents are a good illustration of how replacement workers, with almost no training, raise safety issues at the Port of Quebec,” said union president Stéphan Arsenault in a press release.


“All of this would have been settled a long time ago if we had an anti-scab law in the federal Labor Code. The employer uses replacement workers, which is illegal for businesses under provincial jurisdiction. We are lucky that the damage was only material and that there were no injuries or worse,” added CUPE-Québec President Patrick Gloutney.

The 81 longshoremen at the port of Quebec were locked out more than a month ago by the Quebec Stevedoring Society. The dispute between the parties concerns working hours. While the employer requires the longshoremen to work more, the latter opt for a better balance between work and personal life.

“Like everywhere else, there is a lack of personnel at the Port of Quebec and the employer is determined to place the burden of this situation on the backs of the longshoremen,” lamented the union in a press release.