A second Chernobyl: after the explosion in Severodvinsk closed kindergartens, and in the stores buying iodine…


Второй Чернобыль: после взрыва в Северодвинске закрыты детские сады, а в магазинах скупают йод...

Military base under Russian Archangel where a powerful explosion occurred, associated with the radiation leaks in the world’s press has called “a New Chernobyl”.

As you know, the explosion at the site 40 kilometres from the city of Severodvinsk occurred on August 8. For some time, Russian authorities tried to silence the fact of state of emergency, assuring the civilian population that nothing terrible happened and the situation is under control. Only when two days later, on August 10, the coast of Finland were found elevated radiation background, the Kremlin was forced to admit that at the site during testing was the explosion followed by emission of radiation.

What really happened in the Arkhangelsk region? According to U.S. intelligence, under the Severodvinsk exploded Intercontinental cruise missile with a nuclear facility “Burevestnik”. This information was published by the New York Times, citing its own sources.

In 2018 the Internet appeared an animated movie in which Russian President Vladimir Putin shows off the miracle missile capable of reaching any corner of the Earth. This rocket is driven by a small nuclear reactor. Many data indicate that the explosion under the Severodvinsk happened during testing of such missiles.

“The victims literally cooked blood”

Information about the trials going to classify. And probably would have done it, if not, five dead, including employees of Corporation “Rosatom” and the Ministry of defence. When it was too late to hide, the head of “Rosatom” Dmitry Medvedev wrote on his page in social networks: “We have conducted in the last path of our colleagues who tragically died during trials of a new special products”. Here and so. Rocket the latest development in the spirit of the Soviet Union called “spetsizdelie”. By the way, is officially called the number in five of those killed in the explosion, but people say that the dead were at least fifteen.

According to the residents of Severodvinsk, the explosion was of such force that several employees of “Rosatom” thrown into the sea. For some time they were reported missing, although everyone knew that to survive, these people could not.

“The dead literally cook the blood. It was impossible to survive. The oldest of the boys was 29”, — wrote in social networks Arkhangelsk resident Sergey, who apparently works at the regional hospital. “I can’t call his name — writes on the man. — Neurosurgeons, trauma specialists, and emergency physicians were summoned to the local FSB office and forced to sign non-disclosure agreements. Doctors from Severodvinsk, who were brought to the provincial hospital of the wounded after the explosion, checked for radiation. Took their clothes destroyed and issued a new one”.

As it became known later, the injured was taken to Moscow. Residents of the Russian capital, at that time still not really understanding what had happened, drew attention to the strange convoy of six ambulances, wrapped in specblank. Inside you can see the doctors in the hazmat suits.

“Stores have ended dosimeters”

Has been thoroughly checked for radiation and helicopters, which in the regional center of Severodvinsk were injured. Despite the fact that, according to Russian authorities, the radiation level in the region exceeds the norm, helicopters experts checked in anti-radiation suits, with dosimeters in hand.

Meanwhile, the local population still remains in the dark. People can only guess what happened, something terrible, but since on TV they are convinced in a normal situation, then panic, they are given quiet.

“I work at the hospital, which is now brought victims of the bombing. What I want to say? I would advise everyone to close Windows and to drink iodine”, — wrote on his page a resident of Severodvinsk Alina.

“Iodine instantly disappeared from stores. People are buying his boxes. Have said that it is not advisable to drink tap water, eat local fish and consume dairy products from our cows. No radiation, you say?” — says a resident of the Arkhangelsk region Natalya Antonova.

In addition, according to local residents, the stores of the Arkhangelsk region started to disappear bottled drinking water and alcohol.

“We are told that radiation levels were normal. But why, then, in Severodvinsk, all disabled placards, which indicated that level? I went to the store to buy a dosimeter, and I was told that they ran out” — says a resident of Severodvinsk Sergey Tarasov.

Meanwhile, the Russian videobloger Stark announced on his Youtube channel that patients in hospitals began to give milk with iodine.

“No evacuation will not be”

“How many disasters occurred this summer in Russia? Explosions at an arms factory in Dzerzhinsk, the disaster of “Losharik” monstrous fires in Siberia, which at first nobody took notice of the explosion and fire at a military depot in Achinsk, a fire at the headquarters of the Pacific fleet while burning old documents and now the explosion of the rocket in Severodvinsk. Not too much for one summer? And look at our zomboyaschik — everything is just about Ukraine, — is surprised the other Russian videobloger Cleric on his Youtube channel. — Hthe same happened at the Severodvinsk? The military claimed that it was a simple explosion of liquid rocket engine. But then why everywhere are advised not to bring children into the street and, preferably, to stay at home with the Windows closed?”

By the way, in Severodvinsk, where urge people not to panic, after all, just in case for a few days closed all kindergartens. The month is closed and the area of the Dvina Bay of the White sea. But inhabitants of the Arkhangelsk region not to evacuate in a hurry.

“No evacuation will not be” — has already said the Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov. And this, despite the fact that on the eve of radio “Echo of Moscow” told about the impending evacuation of residents of the village of nyonoksa, which is 40 kilometers from Severodvinsk, which was to be held early in the morning on August 14.

“They said that we will send a special train. From five to seven a.m. is at home will be impossible. I don’t think it is because worried about our health in the aftermath of the explosion. Most likely, they want to continue the test. We here often that happens. Take out all at a safe distance, then driven back. Some people don’t want to leave and go far into the woods and sit there. We have become accustomed,” — wrote in the social network resident Nonoxy Timur.

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