A signal about the hijacking of the airliner at the airport in Amsterdam turned out to be false (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

In Amsterdam at Schiphol airport I get a warning about the attempted hijacking, which turned out to be false alarm by mistake activated the pilot. This was reported in Twitter of the airline Air Europe.

Earlier in Schiphol airport has notice of the seizure of the liner. The signal in readiness were given special forces, military police, firefighters and medics. In the military police stated that it is “about the suspicious situation on Board one of the aircraft” but did not provide more detailed information. The situation was rated the third degree of danger which means a “potential threat to the well being of the population within the same municipality”.

All passengers and crew members were removed from the plane, which was supposed to fly from Amsterdam to Madrid, after which the liner was further searched by special services. Also, the airport temporarily closed the terminal D. However, nothing suspicious was found.

The airline said that all passengers are safe and waiting for takeoff. According NТК, the incident led to delays in departures, however, currently the situation is normalized. Terminal D is also available for passengers. The Minister of justice and security Grapperhaus Ferdinand praised “the prompt and coordinated work of all involved departments, services and divisions at the local and national level.”

The military police, meanwhile, launched an investigation as to how could the incident and the role of the pilot. It clarifies the TV channel NOS, the warning about hijacking – it’s not a physical button in the cockpit, and the code that is passed members of the crew. According to De Telegraaf, the captain wanted to explain to the Intern what is meant by certain codes. Code with a warning of the seizure of the ship were sent randomly during a demonstration.