A simple life hack that can reduce your medical bill for hundreds of dollars

It is no secret that the American healthcare system may unpleasantly surprise its consumers with huge bills for a minimum medical help. Robyn Zlotnik from Distractify told about the hack, who has shared the lady Twitter a simple question addressed to a health care provider, can reduce the expense for these services for hundreds of dollars. Doesn’t always work, but worth a try.

Простой лайфхак, способный уменьшить ваш медицинский счет на сотни долларов

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A couple of years ago I was playing softball and dislocated my little finger. I went to the emergency room, the doctor reduce a dislocation, set a small metal splint and sent me home. About a week later I received in the mail a bill for 1200 dollars.

I had insurance, for which I then paid about $ 300 per month. And yet, I was struck by a huge bill for a 15 minute visit from the ambulance. I paid that amount (I am lucky enough to be able to do it), not knowing that I potentially had another choice. One woman recently wrote on Twitter about the trick, which she learned from TikTok on how to dramatically reduce medical bills. This trick has already become viral and many people have successfully tried.

All you need to do is call the hospital, contact the billing Department (one of the options is in the automatic message you get when call the main number), to inform them of the account number in your documents and to request a detailed, itemized bill.

Because the system is so broken and mercilessly exploited, the hospital is willing to charge obscene amounts of money for very small services, and the need to show those details can cause small expenses entirely — instead of trying to explain why gauze bandage costs $ 90.

Original video TikTok explains how it works.

The wearer of the social network of Jewel Celeste wrote:

“That’s because detailed invoice will look like this:

Gauze: $65
Seams: $95 USD
Bed: $250
Breathing air: $ 500
The napkins your mom used to cry in the waiting room: $35″

Простой лайфхак, способный уменьшить ваш медицинский счет на сотни долларов

Photo: twitter.com/virtualvvitch

This tweet may seem an exaggeration, but it is not so. If the hospital can charge for something, it will do so based on the fact that you did not ask for a detailed list of services covered.

Original tweet from @the_heva became viral, gathering more than 54 000 277 000 retweets and likes. It has also inspired others, received large hospital bills, ask them to itemize.

Sometimes it worked. But sometimes it doesn’t.

“I asked for a detailed account, written by one of the Twitter users — and they gave me a detailed account. Of $ 125,000 and a 21 page”.

How much do you pay for health care depends entirely on where you are, which hospital you go to and what you have health insurance. In the US, the health should be treated the same way as in most other developed countries: as a right, as a public service, so about every person, regardless of his living situation, will care when he needs medical care.