A simple test to determine heart health

According to a new study, the ability to do a few dozen pushups in a row may be a sign of not only strength, but also great heart health.

Простой тест для определения здоровья сердца

Us scientists studied data on more than 1,100 employees of the fire service of Indiana, whose average age was 39 years. Then the participants of the experiment suggested to pass a test of endurance, in which it was necessary to do as many push UPS from the floor. Then for decades for health volunteers watched in order to monitor the possible occurrence of cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease or heart failure.

10 years after the start of the study participants identified 37 cases of cardiovascular disease, but only one case occurred among men who performed during the test of endurance more than 40 push-UPS. Men who are able to perform in the beginning of the experiment more than 40 repeats, had a 96% lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease within 10-year period compared to those who were able to do 10 less push-UPS.

“Doctors can be difficult to accurately assess the fitness level of a person during a normal visit. Sometimes they use tests on a treadmill, however, this method is time consuming and requires expensive equipment. The obtained data of our study indicate that the ability to do push-UPS for about 40 times can be a simple and free method of assessing the risk of cardiovascular disease during diagnosis of the patient” – says the study’s lead author Justin Yang, a specialist in occupational medicine at the School of public health Chan at Harvard University. The study was published February 15 in the journal JAMA Network Open.