A site that helps to save on medical expenses

Many Americans face challenges in paying medical bills, and some barely make ends meet because of this, but a new website can help reduce medical costs. This writes Fox17.

Появился сайт, помогающий сэкономить на медицинских расходах

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When grandpa native Mattawan (mi) nick McLaughlin received a medical bill for $750, he began to look for options.

“I asked grandpa, do you have a chance to get financial help, but he didn’t even know what that means. Most people don’t know that,” said McLaughlin.

“The act affordable care (Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare) is a little-known item that requires non-profit hospitals to prescribe a policy of financial aid, which includes information about eligibility for discounts. Hospitals are required to publish these rules on the Internet,” explained McLaughlin.

His grandpa eventually got financial assistance that covered 100% of the account.

McLaughlin, with experience in the field of health care financing, said that, in fact, most of the people have a right to a certain amount of help, but often do not know about it.

“We’ve done the calculations by zip code area of Grand rapids, and on the basis of data on the size and income of households, concluded that 66% of households in Grand rapids fall under the current policy of financial assistance in the Spectrum hospitals Metro and Mercy”, — he added.

To help such people learn about the opportunity to get a discount, McLaughlin decided to run your site HospitalFA.com.

It is quite simple to use and absolutely free. All you need to do is answer a few questions, including about your income and insurance status, and specify how many you have and what hospital.

After a couple of minutes will tell you if you qualify for financial assistance.

“Applying for financial aid is another obstacle. You can do it directly in the hospital, there is provided such a process, but in this case, it can be a lot of delays from red tape. That is why we created a tool that allows patients to securely apply for assistance directly through our web site,” added McLaughlin.

Filing will cost you $29, but, according to McLaughlin, it will save you the hassle, and within 30 days you will receive a response from the hospital.

In his opinion, this website is beneficial for both patient and health-care systems.

“Health systems are very interested in how to preserve the health of their patients and care for them. The reason our website exists is to remove the financial burden when obtaining health care. And I believe that hospitals want to share with us in this mission,” he added.

If you have medical bills and you want to find out if you qualify for financial assistance, you can go directly to the web site.

Also can be contacted by phone 1-888-336-5536. Also, you can always go to a local hospital.


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