A small piece of fine linen shows the face of Jesus. Is the Anopello scarf a proof of the resurrection? It was lying on the Turin Shroud

On January 13, 1915, central Italy was hit by four terrible earthquakes.

 A small piece of fine linen depicts the face of Jesus. Is the Anopello scarf a proof of resurrection. It lay on the Turin Shroud

During a few seconds of the earthquake it burned ; the city of Avezzano and fifteen nearby villages blew up, killing more than 30,000 people.

But in the midst of the tragedy, an earthquake also discovered one of the long lost and dear relics of Christianity from the rubble of the local church.


A scarf of fine linen proves the existence of Jesus

The earthquakes helped to see the light of day for a small piece of cloth that was to cover Jesus' face when he lay in the tomb.

Everything indicates that the Shroud of Manoppello (otherwise known as & ldquo; Veronica & rdquo;) originated in Jerusalem. Scholars maintain that the headscarf is imprinted with the face of Christ at the time of His Resurrection.

It is likely that both the Scarf and the Shroud of Turin reached Edessa in Cappadocia (today's Turkey) and remained there. until the 5th century. The oldest legend (the so-called Cumulia legend) dates back to the 6th century.

It presents the history of the image of the face of Christ that arrived in Constantinople in 574 from the small town of Cumulia near Edessa.

A manuscript found in Tbilisi from the 6th century says that after Jesus ascended to Heaven, our The Blessed Mother carried the image of her Son on a napkin from His tomb. The image was a gift from God the Father himself, so that she could pray, staring at the face of her Beloved Son.

The image on the Manoppello Scarf shows the Holy Face at the moment Christ rose from the dead. The cloth was placed on the Shroud on the face of Our Lord. While the Shroud of Turin has a negative image of the Dead Christ, the veil captures the positive imprint of the Risen One.

When the face of the Shroud is put on the face of the Manoppello Scarf, these two images form a perfect combination. It's the same face. We can therefore assume that the images on the Shroud and the Scarf were imprinted at the time of the Resurrection of God's Son.