A snow storm and cancellation of flights: the weather continues to be Americans

The national weather service warns winter storm Sunday, December 29. In some areas from Colorado and Minnesota will fall to 16 inches (40,64 cm) of snow, there is a danger of slippery icy roads and reduced visibility.

Снежный шторм и отмена рейсов: непогода продолжает испытывать американцев

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According to AccuWeather, heavy snow and gusty winds can create severe weather conditions during the greater part of Sunday in such places as Fargo, North Dakota, writes USA Today.

Writes AccuWeather ice rain in the area of Minneapolis on Saturday morning with ice covered roadway. It was reported multiple accidents, and Metro Transit has suspended bus service. Patrol Minnesota recommended not to go to the area of Minneapolis on Saturday morning.

Снежный шторм и отмена рейсов: непогода продолжает испытывать американцев

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Due to the harsh weather conditions travelers will face challenges on the roads, especially on sections of Interstate 76, 80, and 90 in Colorado, Nebraska and South Dakota.

In Platte, Nebraska, on Sunday, the wind speed can reach 45 mph (72,42 km/h), but because of the snow and ice on the road will be extremely difficult in most parts of the state.

The national weather service predicts a serious winter storm in the middle of the country until Sunday, December 29, 2019. Officially, the national weather service defines a winter storm as a storm which contains large amounts of snow or storm with wind speeds over 35 mph (56,32 km/h) and visibility less than a quarter mile for at least three hours.

Снежный шторм и отмена рейсов: непогода продолжает испытывать американцев

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“If you must travel, keep in the car just in case, a spare flashlight, food and water,” say the meteorologists.

The Weather Channel notes that from the southern plains to the lower Mississippi valley, the element can lead to significant delays.

The people of new York and Northern New England should prepare for icy rain on Sunday.

The system of storms will gradually shift to the Great lakes by Monday. While cold air will help to ensure that the rain will change to snow. The steady snow will begin to fall across the plains on Monday.

Although the bulk of winter weather in the Central States on Monday will begin to subside, it is possible that on Tuesday in the Midwest will continue for some snow showers as the storm system finally begins to exit the region.

In areas of the Western Great lakes rain will change to snow early in the week. In anticipation of the expected heavy rain possible snow accumulation.