A solar flare could plunge the Earth into darkness

The sun is a pretty stable star. but sometimes it produces a flash of force which can be dangerous for the Earth.

Солнечная вспышка может погрузить Землю во тьму

Such dangers include damage to the electricity network, cellular communication, and space technology. — Telegram reports channel Darwin Award

Scientists claim that the 660 Ohm BC, there was an eruption of such force that it is difficult to imagine. But after the study of ice cores, it became known that a storm that could destroy the entire present world of technology.

For example, the flash in 1956, is currently the most powerful recorded solar flare, which was directly measured by a scientific instrument. According to the researchers, a similar storm happened now, it also could have serious consequences for the modern world of high technology.

Солнечная вспышка может погрузить Землю во тьму

But to unpleasant predictions of the scientists is that in December of this year could be a repetition of the same strong magnetic storm in 1956 that promises terrible power outages throughout the Land, as a result, it may disappear on all continents of the planet.