A South Korean helicopter crashed in the sea of Japan in the area in dispute between Seoul and Tokyo (PHOTOS)

Южнокорейский вертолет потерпел крушение в Японском море в районе, являющемся предметом спора между Сеулом и Токио (ФОТО)

Seven people remain missing after the sinking of the South Korean firefighting helicopter in the sea of Japan near the Islands of Dokdo (Takeshima) located to the East of the Korean Peninsula and in dispute between Seoul and Tokyo, reports TASS with reference to the Agency Yonhap.

According to him, the EC225 helicopter produced by Airbus crashed in the night of 31 October, on Board were five rescuers and two citizens of South Korea. In the search and rescue operation involved several dozen ships and helicopters.

The President of the Republic of Korea moon Jae-In gave the order to check serviceability of helicopters of this model. Before the end ordered to refrain from their operation, told reporters at a briefing the official representative of the head of state.

The Dokdo Islands are in dispute between Tokyo and Seoul. Japan argues that South Korea illegally occupied these territories included in the Empire of Japan in 1905. The South Korean authorities, like the North Korean leadership, state that this tiny archipelago has always been part of the Korean government.