A strange phenomenon: the journalist from Washington videotaped a tornado of tumbleweeds

Imagine that you are driving on a highway and find yourself in a tornado of balls larger plants tumbleweed, writes the Tri-City Herald.

Необычное явление: журналист из Вашингтона снял на видео торнадо из перекати-поля

Photo: Shutterstock

A journalist from Washington Matt McKnight captures video with spinning balls of tumbleweed, rapidly rotating around it on a piece of the route State Route 204, the road that was closed for 10 hours in January 2020, after tumbleweeds in large quantities literally buried under a cars and even one polyfuran.

Authorities successfully have nicknamed this event tumblegeddon (pun tumbleweed (tumbleweed) and Armageddon — ed.). This time it was not as bad as in January, but the video still became popular after McKnight shared the video on social networks.

It is not clear what caused the unusual tornado this time, but a natural phenomenon which has received international coverage in the news, most likely, was the result of changes in weather conditions. As explains the edition, an unusually snowy winter and wet spring last year led to a significant increase in rolling stone, followed by unusually calm winds in the region.

On the eve of New year the winds got up again and gathered tumbleweeds to the pile height from 20 to 30 feet (6-9 meters).

According to the Northwest Council on energy and resource conservation, the highway cuts through the flat plain along the nuclear reservation in Hanford, where the U.S. government produced plutonium for the Manhattan project during world war II. In this region, occur frequently as a tumbleweed, and strong gusts of wind.




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