‘A strange spectacle’: Texas man tried to Board a plane in a gas mask

The man who refused to remove the mask, were planted from American Airlines. About it writes BBC.

'Странное зрелище': в Техасе мужчина пытался сесть в самолет в противогазе

Photo: Depositphotos

The passenger in the mask tried to Board a flight that goes from Dallas (TX) Houston (TX).

Flight attendants asked him to remove the mask as it began to complain about the other passengers. But the man refused and he was taken. As a result, the flight was delayed almost an hour.

“I looked up and saw that some guy goes through the cabin in a gas mask that covers entire face, strange was the sight, told a Texas television, one of the passengers, Joseph Sy. And immediately the people in the plane began to discuss it”.

“His face could not see who he is, understand it was impossible. People were afraid, that he was carried on Board and put on a gas mask for your own safety,” says Sy.

At first Sy thought that the mask had something to do with the outbreak of the coronavirus in China and other countries of the world. “But then I noticed that the gas mask no filter, so this theory has lost its meaning, — said the passenger. — A woman who was sitting next to him, said he wanted to say something. I don’t know what it is”.

When the passenger was removed from the plane, he was put on the next flight — but only after he removed the mask.

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