A strike could be called at VIA Rail as early as tomorrow

A strike could be called at VIA Rail as soon as tomorrow


Times are running out at VIA Rail as services could be suspended starting tomorrow due to a strike.

The union representing 2,400 employees filed a 72-hour strike notice last Thursday. 

Negotiations between the company and the union are still ongoing. 

The President and Chief management Martin R. Landry said in a statement that VIA Rail has made every effort to reach an agreement.

He adds that discussions with the union have continued and that VIA Rail remains committed to negotiate an agreement. 

According to the union, the persistent problem is that the employer wishes to withdraw a clause which amounts to job security, which the union refuses to accept. < /p>

“VIA Rail is trying to clean up the cost structure, but on the backs of the workers, so it's something our members don't want not make it as a concession,” said Olivier Carrière, assistant to the Quebec director at Unifor, who represents the employees.

If no agreement is reached, services will be suspended for the duration of the strike. 

Several customers interviewed by TVA Nouvelles are worried that their plans for the next few days will change. not being able to leave for Toronto tomorrow,” said one customer. 

Some said that in the event of a strike, they would turn to passenger buses or rent a car.