A strong magnetic storm will hit the Earth in the coming days

The strongest magnetic storm of September 2019 will start from day to day – and the fun will spoil nerves, and blood vessels.

Сильная магнитная буря обрушится на Землю в ближайшие сутки

Powerful magnetic storm of the month awaits us 28 th.

However, as usual, meteodependent people approaching meteodata feel in advance. But even completely healthy people with unabatedly in the fall of immunity, doctors recommend to give your health more attention this week.

Strong magnetic storm on 28 September 2019 is valued at 6 points – as a storm of level G2. And stretch it into three days – from 28 to 30 September inclusive. That’s true, with each passing day its influence will fade:

  • a magnetic storm on September 29, 2019 – 5 points
  • magnetic storm on 30 September 2019 – not even a storm, and the vibrations and magnetic disturbances.

Сильная магнитная буря обрушится на Землю в ближайшие сутки

Magnetic storms in September 2019: schedule by days

However, long-duration magnetic storms – have a huge stress load on the body.

Even healthy strong blood vessels and nervous system can not withstand the load.

Therefore, a couple of days before the magnetic storm on 28 September 2019 doctors recommend to sleep better and not be lazy to walk in the fresh air. But at the same time not to overload the body with the intense workouts, harmful fatty foods, alcohol and other stimulants (even coffee, for example).

Improves circulation and mint warm herbal teas have become a mandatory component of the diet of the day. Mint at the same time will help with a headache when magnetic storms and sleeping (during meadrow many complain of insomnia, others, however, – into drowsy).

Symptoms during magnetic storms

Strongest during magnetic storms suffer head and blood vessels. The most frequent complaints just on headaches (including migraines) and dizziness.

Magnetic storms often provoke the following symptoms, in addition to these problems with sleep and head:

  • sudden deterioration of health;
  • discomfort in the chest area;
  • irritability;
  • the darkening of the eyes;
  • distraction of attention.

Magnetic storms: what to do

To follow the diet – food and drink in the days of magnetic storms. Not to overeat, because it increases the load on the cardiovascular system. Read more in our article How to help yourself during magnetic storms.

And to the body as possible respond to weather and geomagnetic changes, you should try to improve their health.

“Lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, do not forget about proper rest and fresh air,” said psychologist Irina Chueva.