A strong storm in the southern and Central United States has left hundreds of thousands of people without electricity

The national weather service warns of hazardous weather conditions in the South and Central United States, Usa Today.

Сильная буря на юге и в центре США оставила сотни тысяч людей без электричества

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More than 250 thousand people were left without electricity due to strong storms on April 29 that night went South and Central United States.

Line heavy winds extended over 500 miles (800 km) and affected such a densely populated as Houston, New Orleans, Dallas, Oklahoma city, St. Louis and others.

According to Weather.com during the day received about 250 reports of severe weather in the area from Illinois to Missouri, most of them related to damage from wind, severe thunderstorms or hail.

The majority of outages occurred in Texas and Louisiana.

According to senior meteorologist Alex Sosnowski AccuWeather, the storm showed signs of deraco direct wind storms, which is characterized by the emergence of several strong thunderstorms in a large area and may be accompanied by heavy rains, floods and even tornadoes.

On 30 April, the weather improves, but Mid-Atlantic and North-East of the country are still at risk of flooding due to heavy rains.

While the South and East of the country is suffering from the changeable weather, the South-West of the country will poterpet from the heat until the end of the week. According to the National weather service, temperatures will rise above normal, and in desert regions the temperature may reach 100 °F (38°C).





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