A successful first test for the Ice Center

A first successful test for the Ice Center


Robert Dubreuil draws a positive assessment of the first major event presented at the Center de glaces, but he is aware that improvements will have to be made

Open in August 2021 , the Center de glaces de Québec was the scene of the first combined Canadian speed skating championship last weekend.

“We know we can be better, but we passed the test” , said the director general of the Quebec Speed ​​Skating Federation (FPVQ), Robert Dubreuil. 

“We are aiming for excellence, but we are clearly beyond the passing mark for this first event. We showed our know-how and our infrastructure.

Among the glitches that occurred over the weekend, real-time timing was a problem. The photo finish made it possible to fill this gap.

“For the 'live' timing, you will have to return to the base”, admitted Dubreuil. 

< p>For the championship of the four continents, which will take place from December 2 to 4, there is no concern, he assures, because it is the firm hired by the International Skating Union which will be responsible.&nbsp ;

“As Calgary does, just like the other big rings in the world, we want to do it ourselves in the future, but we are fragile at the moment and have things to improve before “, said Dubreuil

” In the future, we want to be considered as a big ring, he continued. We're not that far, but we have to take it one step at a time. »

Ice quality

Opinions on the quality of the ice varied depending on the discipline. 

“The quality of the ice on the long track was exceptional, according to the comments received, mentioned the GM of the FPVQ. Double Olympic medalist Ted-Jan Bloemen told us after his 5000m race that the ice in Quebec was more slippery than in Calgary. We are not in competition with Calgary, which is one of the best ice in the world, but it is very positive and extremely encouraging to receive this kind of comment from one of the best skaters. “

In short track, skaters were talking about vulnerable ice in the turns. 

“It's two different ice and it gets sharp at the very high level, underlined Dubreuil. The ice tended to let go in the turns. We will take into account the comments we have received to improve. »

Combined championship back

Is it possible to consider that Quebec can host the combined championship again?

“It won't come back next year, but we're not on our knees saying to ourselves 'we'll talk about it again in ten years,' summed up Dubreuil. We think we can do it again. “

Quebec intends to demonstrate its interest in hosting the Canadian championship in the future. 

“We will push to obtain the separate Canadian championship quite often, indicated Dubreuil. We can predict that he will be back in two or three years. »