A surge of new little priests

A wave of new little priests


I was recently explaining that the main cause of the labor shortage is the fall in the birth rate, which means that there are not enough new entrants to the market to replace the outgoing ones, and that immigration was not a magic solution.

As a result, a university colleague made a series of very interesting remarks to me.

This shortage , he says, hides another problem: that of useless jobs, those that Adam Smith described as “parasitic” jobs.

Smith referred to jobs that do not contribute to the nation's wealth (or security or well-being).


My colleague is giving me a concrete example. 

In the federal public service, in all the universities, in all the big companies, EDI specialists are now being hired by the shovel, that is to say say in “equity, diversity and inclusion”.

These institutions will often say that they lack the money to hire specialists in this or that, but they never lack the money to hire EDI “specialists”.

When you watch these people go, you understand why the word specialist should be in quotation marks in their case.

My colleague has a friend who is a federal civil servant in a unit of 100 people. 

Five people left for the retirement.

These five people were replaced by five EDI advisors. There were none before.

Five per 100 employees.

What do they actually do? my coworker asked his friend.

Answer: They spread the new gospel.

Several times a week, employees receive “what if” exercises by email.< /p>

Here is an example.

A person in a wheelchair drops documents. You don't know her. You are alone with her.

Choose the correct answer from:

1) You collect the documents for her

2) You go straight ahead

3) You point out that she dropped some documents

4) You ask her if she would like your help

The gentleman chose answer 1.

Poof! The screen displayed: “wrong answer”. The “correct” answer was 4. Explanation follows.

Soon after, he receives an email from the EDI Advisor. He is summoned to discuss his answer.

The civil servant, who is approaching his fifties, is explained by a 25-year-old “floune”, whose first real job it is, no doubt a graduate in “diversity” or “intercultural relations”, that his answer could have generated “trauma” and a “sense of exclusion”. 


He was also advised that the tone of his emails was not was not “inclusive” enough.

He was told to refer to the new guide on words to use now and words to never use again.

It is a small example of a real surge.

In short, we “re-educate” the staff, we track down the deviants, we drag them to the confessional. 

Decline of religion ? No way. New priests are multiplying. And beware if…

Meanwhile, we are short of people to make passports…  

A surge of new little priests